Information and Resources for Current Students

The following information is for all current Counseling and Development students. Please read it carefully.

Effective Fall 2015, applications are not required to enroll in clinical courses. All clinical courses include the pre-practicum, group, practicum, and internship courses.

When registration opens, select the course and section that will fit your schedule and register for it. CAPS will be set at the CACREP/ASGW approved maximum for the course, and once reached, the course section will be closed. Waitlists will not be allowed. Should the first choice section be filled, you will need to select another section and, if necessary, alter your class schedule.

Please choose a section based upon a time/day that is right for you. Professors will be assigned to the sections after registration is over and will be at the department chair’s discretion.

Only students who have met all prerequisites for a given class will be allowed to stay in the class. In the event that prerequisites are needed, each student will be informed and an administrative drop form will be sent to the Registrar’s office, so it is imperative that all prerequisite courses be completed before enrolling.

The prerequisite courses for pre-practicum and group, which must be taken concurrently, are:

  • FS 5303 Orientation and Ethics
  • FS 5313 Counseling Theory and Practice
  • FS 5443 Multicultural Counseling

The prerequisite courses for practicum are all of the above and:

  • FS 5363 Pre-practicum

The prerequisite courses for internship are all of the above and:

  • FS 5364 Practicum

The number of semesters of internship you will have to take will depend upon your own performance and what is best for you, as determined by your instructors and advisors.

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