Pioneer Enrichment Program

Pioneer Enrichment Program

The Pioneer Enrichment Program (PEP) is designed to create pathways that promote student success through relationships. PEP provides mentoring for first-time in college students that live on campus who wish to enhance their intellectual and personal development. The Pioneer Enrichment Program provides a connection to an Academic Support Assistant (ASA) who will serve as a mentor to establish social and academic roles with first-year students.

The program is structured so students are able to have a custom mentoring experience where one can examine different strategies that will help in their academic journey.

The Academic Support Assistant will:

  • Assist new students in getting acclimated to their life as a Pioneer.
  • Help students understand the many resources available to them.
  • Connect students to programs that better enhance their academic success.
  • Support students through recognition during ongoing group and/or one-on-one meetings.

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