New Student Room Selection

New Student Application and Self-Selection Process


Sign your contract.


Choose or add your roommate via My College Roomie (available in March to new, first time in college students only).

My College Roomie is a roommate matching software where you can find your roommate and meet potential roommates. Once you have matched with your roommate in My College Roomie, you will be able to add them to your room during self-selection. If you already have a roommate picked out, you will still need to set up a profile and request each other in MyCollege Roomie.


Select your room and meal plan by the dates listed below:

Room Selection Dates

  • Students who apply by the below dates will be able to participate in the self-selection* process by choosing their space and meal plans during the times below:
    • Apply by March 31 — Self-select space April 12–18
    • Apply from April 1-16 — Self-select space April 19-25
    • Apply from April 17-30 — Self-select space May 10-16
    • Apply from May 1-14 — Self-select space May 17-23
    • Apply from May 15-31 — Self-select space June 7-13
    • Apply from June 1-11 — Self-select space June 14-20
    • Apply from June 12-30 — Self-select space July 5-11
    • Apply from July 1-16 — Self-select space July 19–25
    • Students who apply on or after July 17 will be manually assigned a space.
  • Self-Selection is a process that allows students to choose their own bed space. Students select their own bed space in a particular room and hall, and have the option to select a specific roommate.

Community Eligibility:

Parliament Village: New first-time in college students, Parliament is also home to LLCs.

Stark and Guinn Halls: New or transfer students having fewer than 60 credit hours & under the age of 21.

Lowry Woods Apartments: New or transfer students over the age of 21 or having 60 credit hours or more.

Items to Note:

All TWU full-time single undergraduates who have not completed 60 credit hours are required to live in University residential communities unless one of the following exceptions apply:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Active duty military or veterans of military service
  • Living with parents or legal guardians within the commuting distance (40 miles)
  • With children

Transfer first-year students and sophomores will reside in Stark or Guinn Halls.

Transfer juniors and seniors will reside in Lowry Woods (if space is available).

If you are under 18, your parents will also need to sign the Housing and Dining contract.

Certain areas of Parliament Village are designated as Living Learning Communities (LLC). If an LLC student has a preferred roommate, the roommate must be a part of the same LLC in order to be roommates.

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