Summer 2020 Courses

(NEW) GOV 5723

Ethical Issues in Global Politics

Mondays 6-8:45 p.m. | Open to undergraduates

You are a senior policy analyst in a time of crisis. You must advise the highest policy makers on the best course of action. You have studied Greek philosophy, religious traditions, deontological theories, utilitarianism, Marxism, existentialism, feminism, virtue ethics, and postmodern perspectives. What is your advice and upon what basis is it given?

*It is Fall, 2002: Pending is a U.S. Senate vote on the authorization of the use of military force against Iraq – you are adviser to U.S. Sen Hillary Clinton (D/NY). How should she vote?

*It is Fall, 1917: Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour, United Kingdom, has requested your advice on British policy toward Zionists seeking a home state.

*It is June, 2013: HB2 limiting access to abortions in Texas is set for debate in the Senate on the 25th. You are an adviser to state senator Wendy Davis.  She is preparing a filibuster and wants your advice for “ammunition.”  What do you tell her and why?

*It is May, 1982: you are adviser to the Israeli Defense Minister and the Cabinet is contemplating an invasion of southern Lebanon. What is your advice?

*It is April, 1994: UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has received disturbing news from Rwanda regarding Hutu actions against Tutsi’s. He will shortly address the Security Council. What should he say?

*It is July, 1945: Pres Truman has sought your advice on whether, when, and where to use a newnatomic weapon in the war on Japan. What do you advise him to do?

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