M.A. in History with Graduate Certificate in Political Science

  • 9 hours in U.S. History courses
  • 3 hours in Non-U.S. history
  • HIST 5033 Research Methods in History (3 hours)
  • 3 additional graduate hours in history of your choice
  • HIST 5973 Professional Paper in History (3 hours)*
  • Plus the Graduate Certificate in Government (see below)

The Graduate Certificate in Political Science

  • GOV 5033  Research Methods in Government
  • 3 hours in U.S. Politics, Law, and Government
  • 3 hours in Global/Comparative Politics
  • 3 hours in Political Theory
  • 3 hours in Public Policy
  • 3 additional graduate hours in government of your choice
  • A capstone written portfolio and oral defense consisting of:
    1. A written personal statement describing what you have learned in the certificate program and how you plan to utilize it.
    2. A research component (i.e. paper, poster, literature review, or project from a Political Science class) in which you demonstrate an ability to critically analyze a well-defined problem or issue.
    3. An oral defense of your portfolio in front of the standing departmental certificate defense committee.

Note that the Graduate Certificate in Political Science requires a written portfolio and oral defense. This portfolio and defense are in ADDITION to the written and oral defense requirements of the professional paper.  

The defense of Graduate Certificate Portfolios will happen before a standing departmental committee. Contact the Director of Graduate Study to schedule your certificate defense.

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