History & Political Science

TWU’s Department of History and Political Science offers a variety of programs that emphasize interdisciplinary connections, global perspectives and multicultural experiences to help our students develop a deep understanding and appreciation of history and political science.

From empowering women in politics and leadership roles through our Jamison Lecture series, to displaying our student's voices and historical knowledge through our award-winning student history journal, Ibid., our department provides students the foundation to succeed in their future educational and professional endeavors.

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Our Academic Programs

Why Study History and Political Science?

Nationally Recognized Faculty

  • Our award-winning faculty represent a broad range of interests, backgrounds and research subjects including political theory, media and politics, museum studies and historic preservation, diversity in the legal profession, international relations, Colonial American, Caribbean history, European politics and women in aviation.
  • With a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1 in upper level courses, our faculty are dedicated to working closely with students to create a supportive and immersive learning environment.

Financially Supportive

  • On average, we award up to $13,000 in competitive scholarships each year to qualifying students.
  • Our Jamison Internship Program provides financial support to students who we assist in securing unpaid internships in government or nonprofit institutions.


  • We strive to equip students with practical experience before entering the workforce, therefore we provide students with program-specific internship advising to help them find ideal opportunities relevant to their course of study.
  • We offer publishing opportunities through our award-winning national journal, Ibid., and we also encourage students to present their research at national conferences like the Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Convention.

Take a 'Moment for History'

Join TWU professor of history and Phi Alpha Theta president, Jacob Blosser, Ph.D., as he recounts facts, birthdays, historical events and inspirational quotes from this day in world history.

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Career Outlook

Our programs will provide you with the necessary critical thinking, communication, researching and writing skills to pursue a future career in education, law, political science, criminal justice or the profession of your choice. 

Visit our Career Resources page for more information about internship and career opportunities for History and Political Science students.

"Much more than facts..."

Photo of former History student Christina Wagoner

The History & Political Science Department has been a home away from home for me since I was a freshman. Under the faculty's guidance, I am well prepared to excel in graduate school and the real world. Most of all, the program taught me that history and government were much more than just facts and dates or laws and policy. They are about humanity, about people. I have taken this lesson to heart.

— Christina Wagoner, History Major

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