Faculty & Staff


George King, PhD
Director, School of Health Promotion and Kinesiology
Office: PH 208A; CFO 10
Email: gking6@twu.edu

Barbara Barnick-Ben-Ezra, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
Internship Coordinator
Graduate Teaching Assistant Mentor
Office: PH 217
Email: bbenezra@twu.edu

Marilyn Massey-Stokes, Ed.D., CHES, CWHC, FASHA
Associate Professor
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs
Office: CFO 1003
Email: MMasseystokes@twu.edu
Research Interests: Obesity prevention (including early obesity prevention), body image and eating disorder prevention, health and wellness across the life span, health and wellness coaching, and health literacy

Gwendolyn Weatherford, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Sport Management
Associate Director of Graduate Programs
Office: PH 208F
Email: gweatherford@twu.edu 


Janelle Davis
Program Director
Office: PH 210
Email: jdavis10@twu.edu

Dennise Mendez
Undergraduate Academic Advisor II
Office: PH 212

Paula Tanner
Administrative Assistant
Office: PH 208B

John Thompson
Academic Advisor II
Office PH 211

Jason Torres
Graduate Academic Advisor
Office: PH 213
Email: jtorres9@twu.edu

Brenda Watson
Sr. Secretary
Office: PH 216
Email: bwatson5@twu.edu 

Associate Professors

Mandy Golman, Ph.D., MCHES
Associate Professor
Office: CFO 1009
Email: Mgolman@twu.edu
Research Interests: Teen pregnancy prevention, eating disorder and obesity prevention, body image issues, adolescent and women’s health

Kristin Wiginton. Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: CFO 1004
Email: KLWiginton@twu.edu
Research Interests: Epidemiology of systemic lupus erythematosus, patient perspectives of living with chronic autoimmune diseases

Assistant Professors

Ann O. Amuta, Ph.D., MPH, CPH
Assistant Professor
Phone: 940-898-2856
Email: AAmuta@twu.edu
Research Interests: Public health genomics, minority health and health equity, obesity prevention (healthy diet and physical activity promotion) and chronic disease prevention (emphasis on Type 2 diabetes and cancer)

Mindy Menn, Ph.D., MCHES®
Assistant Professor
Office: CFO 1010
Email: mmenn@twu.edu
Research Interests: Design, delivery and evaluation of online-delivered learning materials and online-delivered survey instruments

Visiting Assistant Professors

Renee L. Buster, PhD, CHES, CSCS
Visiting Assistant Professor
(940) 898-2843
Email: rbuster@twu.edu
Research Interests: Biotechnology in health addressing personal, environmental and ethical health issues; social media influence on behavior adoption/practices; environmental policy and health; and public policy and life expectancy

Adjunct Instructors

Josh Bernstein, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor
Email: JBernstein@twu.edu

Amy Clark, M.S.
Adjunct Instructor
Email: AClark2@twu.edu

Amanda Espinoza, M.S.
Adjunct Instructor
Email: aespinoza8@twu.edu

Tiffany Hamlett, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor
Email: thamlett@twu.edu

Michelle Kampschroeder, M.S., CHES
Adjunct Instructor
Email: MKampschroeder@twu.edu

Tracey MacGowan, M.Ed.
Adjunct Instructor
Email: tmacgowan@twu.edu

Jim Melancon, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor
Email: jmelancon@twu.edu

Loan VanAuker, D-ABMDI, M.S.
Adjunct Profesor
Email: lvanauker@twu.edu

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