Radiation Safety

Radiation waste barrels on a road and in the pasture.

Sources of ionizing radiation, such as radioactive materials and x-ray machines, can pose a considerable health risk if not properly controlled. 

Radiation Safety Committee has been developed which reviews and approves all research using radioisotopes and radiation-producing equipment at TWU.

Drew Townsend (ext. 81-3129 or email atownsend4@twu.edu) serves as the University Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).

Individuals using radioactive materials, or operating radiation-producing equipment, must register with the RSO and complete mandatory training. Additionally, all procedures must be done in accordance with TWU's Radiation Safety Manual and TWU URP University Regulations and Procedures Policy 04.430: Environmental Health and Safety.

Page last updated 1:45 PM, June 11, 2021