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TWU EHS uses BioRAFT, a web-based management platform that supports safety compliance, chemical inventories, and compliance inspections, to manage laboratories and other high-hazard work areas.

All research laboratories, teaching and prep laboratories, art studios, shops, theaters, and other high-hazard work areas are required to register in BioRAFT. Registrations in BioRAFT are tied to the supervisor (PI, lab supervisor, shop supervisor, etc.) rather than a specific space. Within BioRAFT, all supervisors are called “principal investigators” and all spaces are called “laboratories.” For more on this topic, see the member policy.

To register a laboratory or other space, the supervisor must complete the General Laboratory Setup Wizard. The wizard will automatically load and walk you through the process the first time you login to BioRAFT.

For questions or help with BioRAFT contact EH&S at

Page last updated 11:36 AM, June 1, 2022