Additional Duty Safety Officers (ADSOs)

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Each department is required to designate an Additional Duty Safety Officer (ADSO). The ADSO assists Risk Management to ensure the day-to-day safety of their department's employees, and will act as the point of contact for Risk Management. The ADSOs will inform Risk Management of concerns/issues within their departments, and Risk Management will communicate the policies, procedures, regulations, and standards to the University community through the ADSOs.

If you are not sure who your ADSO is, please contact your supervisor or


Risk Management will hold occasional meetings with all ADSOs to provide training, communicate new policies/procedures/programs, and to solicit feedback.  Notifications of these meetings will be sent out via email to the ADSOs.

Training Oversight

New employees should all participate in the New Employee Orientation conducted by Human Resources, which includes basic safety information applicable to all employees. In addition, ADSOs and employee supervisors should ensure that employees complete all required EH&S training and any department/workplace specific training. EH&S will send regular updates on incomplete employee training in each department to the appropriate ADSO.  

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