Icon Usage

The TWU logo, wordmark, seal and official sports-related logos are the only graphics approved to represent the University. In limited circumstances secondary icons, like the TWU Health and Wellbeing icons, are allowed.

The most common use of the Health and Wellbeing icons will be on flyers and digital signage promoting on-campus events. The icons must be accompanied by the TWU logo or another approved departmental logo to clearly identify the relationship with the University. The colors of the icons may not be modified, and usage of the multi-colored icon is preferred on flyers and digital signage.

Departments sponsoring events that fall under the purview of the Health and Wellbeing Initiative are encouraged to include the appropriate icon in the lower right hand corner of the document accompanied by the following statement: “This event is part of the TWU Health and Wellbeing Initiative.” The statement should be no smaller than 6 pt. and should follow the University Brand Guidelines and Visual Identity with regard to preferred fonts.

For promotional items, the icons can be used as long as they are accompanied by the TWU logo or an approved departmental logo. For very small internal promotional items, icons may be accompanied by words such as a web address or social media handles that identify the relationship with the University.

In all circumstances, it is important to remember that the icons are subordinate to the official marks. They should not be used alone and should never stand apart from the university marks, name or other reference. When used with the TWU mark, including departmental logos, icons may not appear larger than the official TWU mark. Additionally, the area of isolation still applies to the icons when grouped with the official logos.

Icons are available through the University’s Photoshelter site, https://twu.photoshelter.com/index  Click on Public, Logo Files, Student Life, Health and Wellbeing Icons. As a general rule, use the maroon icons on light backgrounds and the white icons on a dark background. Rarely will individual departments use more than one icon on a flyer.


Page last updated 8:30 AM, August 21, 2018