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About SmarterMeasure

SmarterMeasure is an online tool to provide you with information on your ability to succeed in distance education courses. Distance education courses are not any easier than traditional courses, are usually not self-paced and often contain more information than corresponding face-to-face courses. To be successful in distance courses, information about your personal strengths and weaknesses may be helpful. The purpose of SmarterMeasure is to help you learn more about skills and traits that have been shown to help students become successful in distance education.

Your scores will not impact your university application. Please answer the questions honestly for the most accurate results. You will receive links to self-help resources along with your score.

Take the SmarterMeasure Assessment:

  1. Navigate to the SmarterMeasure assessment
  2. Select Login as First Time User.
  3. Choose student_twu as your username and enter studenttwu as the password. 
  4. Complete the Personal Information section. Be sure to provide your email information – if you need to stop the test and resume it later, you will need the PIN number SmarterMeasure sends out to you via email. Once you have completed the assessment, you can also use this PIN to go back and see your scores if you or your advisor would like to review them.
  5. Complete the School Requested Data sections:
  6. In section 1, choose your distance education program. You must choose ONE of the options listed.
  7. In section 2, indicate whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student. You must choose ONE of the options listed.
  8. Select "Start the SmarterMeasure Assessment" and complete the assessment. It will take about half an hour to complete the assessment. If needed, you may save and exit the assessment at any time and return to complete the assessment using your PIN number (see number 3 above) later.

How to take the SmarterMeasure Assessment [pdf]

How to Send Your SmarterMeasure Report to Your Instructor [pdf]

Visit SmarterMeasure for more information. You can also get more information and discuss using SmarterMeasure for your online or hybrid program by emailing Valerie Shapko, Certified Virtual Instructor & Instructional Designer III, Houston Center or by calling her at 713.794.2042.

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