Outline of Recruitment Schedule

Recruitment during the fall of 2020 will now be completely virtual to ensure the health and safety of our community. Participation in all recruitment events is still required. This is subject to change based on safety guidelines set forth by the institution, the CDC, and other government agencies. Our top priority is the health and safety of our entire campus community.

Potential New Member Orientation – Thursday (virtual)

Join us for Virtual Orientation to learn more about the Panhellenic Recruitment Weekend and chapter finances. You will get a chance to meet the recruitment counselors and ask questions. This year orientation will begin at 5:00pm via zoom.

Meet & Greet - Friday (virtual)

On this day, potential new members will see more of the individuality and spirit of each sorority chapter virtually through videos. More information on finances, traditions, history, and socials that make each Panhellenic sorority unique will be discussed.

Philanthropy - Saturday (virtual)

This day focuses on each Panhellenic sorority’s national/local philanthropy. This round will feature a presentation specific to explaining the chapter’s chosen philanthropy and history within the sorority. You will have an opportunity to become more familiar with the members in each chapter through virtual means (video chats).

Attire for Philanthropy Day: a TWU T-shirt or the Recruitment shirt you will receive

Preference/Bid Day - Sunday (Virtual)

This is the final round of recruitment. This day is more intimate than the previous rounds. Sororities will give presentations that convey the core values and ideals held in esteem by its members. Potential new members will get further insight into each chapter’s sisterhood and should use this round to evaluate which chapter(s) are her preferred choices. This round will also be held virtual through zoom video chats. 

Attire for Preference Day: Banquet or business professional.

Bid Day occurs after Preference in the afternoon. At that time, you will receive a bid from your new sorority!

Attire for Bid Day: Choice of bottoms and casual top. Your new sorority will provide a new shirt for you!

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