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[Wo]Mentoring In Graduate Education

Graduate Assistantship AY 2021–2023

Similar to the landscape of higher education, our ever-changing world includes a mixture of people from various backgrounds and viewpoints. We, as a society, need to be explicitly trained to embrace each other’s differences and learn how to encourage understanding in today’s society (DePauw, 2020). Not only are these values important at Texas Woman’s University, but they are vital to students’ future careers and employers’ needs (Willis, 2017). The US Council of Graduate Schools recently embarked on a multi-phase initiative that seeks to improve doctoral education through data collection, information-sharing, university networks, and innovative PhD Career Pathways (CGS, 2021).

[Wo]Mentoring in Graduate Education is a grant project supported by the Jane Nelson Institute for Women's Leadership (JNIWL) that seeks to create a highly individualized mentoring program at TWU focusing on providing a strong base of assistance to help graduate students grow in the areas of leadership and diversity and provide them with a more holistic outview on future careers and opportunities. [Wo]Mentoring in Graduate Education will support 5 mentor-mentee couplings between TWU graduate students and an array of experienced mentors with resources and scholarships for a two year period. Mentors can be located either at TWU or another institution of higher education; ideally in the second year, the mentor should come from the industry or an organization outside of academia. Our selection process will prioritize underrepresented and diverse female candidates, and the program will aim to recruit one graduate student from each of the 5 colleges at TWU. However, it will be open to other constellations if deemed advisable or necessary. Each graduate student will need to find their own mentors who come equipped with expertise in their chosen field plus a proven interest in the areas of diversity and leadership.

Our 2021-2023 [Wo]Mentoring graduate students are completing the following projects:

  • Alondra Ammon, Qualitative Study on Course Outcomes Centered on Culture and Occupation
  • Sandra Desjardins, Public Libraries and Community Health Workshops
  • Barbara McAlister, Choreographing our Futures: Preparing Women Choreographers with the Skills and Knowledge for Financial Self-sufficiency and Leadership Advancement in the Field of Dance
  • Charity Miller, Good Mourning America: Death in Minority Households and its Impact on the Livelihood of Surviving Loved Ones
  • Gabriella Sanchez, Conocimiento in Action: Exploring and Executing the Publication Processes through Conocimientos Press, LLC
  • Kiarra Watts, Exploring the Experiences of Black Women and Intergenerational Trauma


All funding has been allocated for the current year; please check back next year for additional opportunities.

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