Graduate Research Associate Award

Call for Proposals

Spring 2018 Funded Graduate Research Associate Awards

Dr. Dayna Averitt (Biology - Denton)
Sex Differences in the Periaqueductal Gray: Identification of Novel Modularity Pain Pathways in Female Rats

Dr. Brian Fehler (English, Speech & Foreign Languages - Denton)
Legitimizing the Past: Edna Gladney and the Rhetoricity of Birth Certificates

Dr. Mindy P. Maziarz Patterson (Nutrition & Food Sciences ‐ Houston)
Influence of Resistant Starch in Baked and Boiled Potatoes on Glycemic and Satiety Responses in Overweight Females

Dr. Chad Swank (Physical Therapy ‐ Dallas)
Bridging the Gap: A Community Based Stroke Exercise Program Collaborative

Dr. Asha Vas (Occupational Therapy ‐ Dallas)
Top‐Down approach to Neuroplasticity following Traumatic Brain Injury

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