G-Force Mentors

G-Morce Mentors
Linh Doan

Linh Doan
Major: Business in Human Resource Management
City: Sugar Land, TX

"G-Force has provided me with opportunities to grow in leadership and professionally! The program has helped our mentors become more rounded students through outreach and community service."

Michelle Gonzalez

Vice President
Paola Alonso
Major: History
City: Arlington

"I love G-Force because it allows me to give back to the communities and help students in need. The G-Force program is full of amazing people and they are my family,I love being part of this program."

Jennifer Uriega

Manager of Organizational Activities

Emily Villegas
Major: Health Studies with emphasis on Community Health
City: Irving, TX

"I love G-Force because I'm given the opportunity to assist students in achieving their academic goals and being able to serve my community. Through G-Force I have created relationships with wonderful people and have been inspired by each."

Meagan Gardner

Team Leader Representative
Nicole Silva
Major: Child Development with emphasis in Child Life
City: Krum, TX

"I love G-Force because I am able to help students achieve their goals set for after high school. I also have gained life long friends through the program."

Alex Alcozer

Alex Alcozer
Major: Biology 
City: Lubbock, TX

"G-Force allows me to meet new people and aid those who are going through things I can help them. Helping others to achieve their goals is one of the best things to do and G-Force allows me to do it."

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