Public Information (Open Records)

The Chancellor and President of Texas Woman's University has designated its General Counsel as Open Records Officer to whom requests are to be made for public records. The University utilizes the procedures outlined in the V.T.C.A., Government Code, Chapter 552, Public Information.

Rights and Responsibilities [pdf]

Cost of Records

Funds received for open records are transmitted to the Cashier's Office at Texas Woman's University for deposit in an unobligated account designated by the Comptroller. The cost of obtaining a copy of public information shall be an amount sufficient to recover the full cost of providing copies of the public record. Texas Woman's University utilizes the fee schedule published by the Office of the Attorney General. Sales tax is not applicable for public records and will not be charged.

Charges for Public Information

Make a Request for Records

For U.S. Mail Delivery:

Texas Woman's University
Office of the General Counsel
P. O. Box 425497
Denton, Texas 76204

For Hand-Delivery:

Office of the General Counsel
304 Administration Dr., ACT 14th Floor
Denton, Texas 76204

For Fax Delivery:


For Electronic Mail Delivery:

Link to the Form:

Public Information Request Form [doc]

If You Receive a Request

If you, as a TWU employee, receive a public information request, refer to the TPIA Staff Info [pdf] page for more information.

Contact Us

Office of the General Counsel
P. O. Box 425497
Denton, TX 76204
(940) 898-3250

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