The Compliance Team

Compliance Partners and the Compliance Network

The compliance network at TWU is composed of several compliance partners who are all subject-matter experts in their respective areas. These personnel, combined with the Office of Compliance, are responsible for ensuring that compliance happens at TWU.

A hub-and-spoke analogy might be helpful in understanding how this works. It is well-known that the hub of a wheel is central to the operation of the entire wheel. In the same way, the Office of Compliance is central to compliance operations at TWU. The goal is to have all significant compliance information flow to the hub. In addition, the hub plays a significant role in supporting the spokes. It provides strength and coordination.

But the spokes are vital, too. One weak spoke can negatively impact all or part of the wheel and can reduce its effectiveness. Thus, when both the hub and spokes are strong, so is the entire compliance network.

Current TWU Compliance Partners (Subject-Matter Experts)

Below is a list of current compliance areas at TWU and the associated compliance partner, or subject-matter expert. These personnel have significant compliance expertise in each of these areas.

This list is organized by vice president. Please feel free to contact any of these compliance leaders with compliance-related questions or concerns related to their area of expertise.

Note: An asterisk (*) designates partners who are members of the Operational Compliance Committee, which currently meets quarterly.

Administration and Finance, VP, Jason Tomlinson

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Accounting and Financial Controls *Melanie Ramirez, Associate VP Finance
Clery Compliance Autumn Stinchcomb, Clery Compliance Officer
Contracts and Procurement Vanna Parr, Assistant Vice President
Affirmative Action and ADA (Staff) Tony Yardley, Manager, HR Compliance & Equity
Title IX Parrish Nicholls, Director and Coordinator
Environmental Health and Safety *Matt Moustakas, Director
HR Compliance & Equity Tony Yardley, Director
HR - General Issues *Amy Hall, Executive Director
Public Safety, Campus Safety, Clery Samuel Garrison, Executive Director
Risk and Emergency Management *Matt Moustakas, Interim Executive Director
Title IX Investigator Lisa Taylor, Sr HR Generalist


Enrollment Services, VP Randall Langston

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Admissions Processing Jeannie Rickey, Director of Admissions Processing
Admissions; Recruiting; Program Integrity Rules Nikki Young, Interim Director of Admissions
FERPA; Program Integrity – Gainful Employment *Bobby Lothringer, Registrar
Financial Aid; Title IV *Robert Fishkind, Assistant Director

Provost and Academic Affairs VP, Dr. Alan Utter

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College of Arts and Sciences; Accreditation; Health and Safety Abigail Tilton, Dean
College of Health Sciences; Accreditation; Health and Safety Christopher Ray, Dean
College of Nursing; Accreditation; Health and Safety Anita Hufft, Dean
College of Professional Education; Accreditation Gina Anderson, Associate Dean and Brandon Bush, Director, Student Support Center
Dallas Campus Compliance *Noralyn Pickens, Associate Professor
Department of Communication Sciences and Oral Health Speech Language: Robin Abellera; Melissa Stockholm; Dental Hygiene: Charlene Dickinson
Education Abroad Annie Phillips, Director, Education Abroad
Graduate School Carolyn Kapinus, Dean
Grants Management Tracy Lindsay, Director of Operations
Houston Campus Compliance *Ainslie Nibert, Associate Dean
Institutional Reporting *Grace Chalon, Manager of Reporting and Analysis
IT-related Compliance *Dennis Hoebee, Director of information Security and Disaster Recovery
Online/Off-Campus Courses and Programs Lynda Murphy, Director of Teaching and Learning with Technology
Research Compliance *LeJuan Byford, Research Compliance Coordinator
State Authorization; Online Programs; Out-of-State Field Placements Allison Rogers, Coordinator, Teaching and Learning with Technology
TWU Libraries, Copyright, Records Management Suzanne Sears, Dean
Undergraduate Studies and Programs *Rachelle Land, Director, Transfer and Compliance

Student Life, VP Dr. Monica Mendez-Grant

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ADA; Disability Services Crystal Hill, Director of Disability Support Services
Athletics Compliance; NCAA *Charolette Hunt, Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance and Academic Services
Civility; Community Standards; Student Code of Conduct; Drug Free Schools *Michelle Reeves, Director of Civility and Community Standards
Conferences; Minor Protection David Sweeten, Director of Student Union and Conference Services
HIPAA Privacy *Connie Menard, Director of Health Services
Housing; Safety; ADA Jill Eckardt, Director of University Housing and Residence Life
SEVIS; International Activities Stephanie Krauth, Associate Vice President For Student Engagement & Interim Director of International Education

University Advancement, VP Kimberly A. Russell, Ed.D.

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Fundraising and Development Shelby Gould, Executive Director of Donor Relations 

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