Space Management, Real Estate & Assets

Dennis Hoebee

Director, Space Management, Real Estate & Assets


Hours of Operation:
Shipping & Receiving and Moving - 7:30AM - 4:30PM
(for service after 4:30PM, please call (940) 898-3161)

The Resource Planning & Assets (RPA) division is responsible for all warehouse operations; acquisition, management and oversight of assets, including inventory; real property and land acquisition; conducting and recording both physical and consumable inventories: and building, land and room inventories and the mandatory reporting of such to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the State Comptroller's office, respectively. This division is also responsible for receipt and delivery of equipment and supplies purchased by departments, moving furniture and equipment as well as setting up special events, e.g. Convocation, Spring Fling, Commencement, and other campus activities as requested and able. Courier services are performed by RPA staff to the Dallas Campus on a weekly basis.

Please note that, in an attempt to control the movement of University assets, Facilities Management has established a new procedure for relocation of furniture. All "Move Requests" and "Property Transfer/Removal forms" will be reviewed and approved by the Assistant Director, Design Services before furniture is relocated. Any furniture relocated without approval will be placed back in its original location or held in a secure, designated surplus area.

Consumable Inventory Form

Consumable Inventory Finalization Form

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