Projects Request Info Page

When a department determines the need for a project or would like to explore ideas for projects, the following forms may be completed and returned to Facilities Management. Both forms may be submitted to FMC throughout the year.


Purpose: To request a general price point for the scope of work described in order to better identify funding issues. This form comes before the Project Request Form to provide departments with generic pricing information for preliminary budgeting purposes before requesting a project to be implemented.

When to use: When a department has an idea for a project to develop, but the associated costs need to be understood before further resources can be dedicated to implement the project idea.

Project Information


Purpose: To initiate design, formal estimating, and implementation services for project requests. "Projects involve multiple trades and have a cost that exceeds $5,000.00."

When to use: A department has a need for a project to be implemented within a definite time frame, a funding source has been identified, and have completed a Project Information Form. Examples: departmental relocations, cubicle re-configuration, cosmetic upgrades, furniture procurement, and complete space remodels.

Project Request

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