Planning & Design Services

Alex Thomas
Director of Planning and Design Services

The Planning & Design Services department is responsible for coordination and oversight of all projects which impact the campus built environment. The department provides management and oversight of long term planning for sustenance and capital renewal programs. It develops and assures adherence to architectural aesthetic controls for all TWU facilities. Coordinates TWU standards for interiors with executive management personnel. Planning and Design Services also serves as a liaison between design consultants and the TWU stakeholder. Responsibilities include conveying university standards to the consultant and communicating end results to executive management as well as the faculty/staff stakeholders for final approvals.

  • Provides in-house furniture and interior finish solutions for individual  faculty and staff offices as well as public spaces.
  • Responsible for assisting the end-user in the formulation of scope, identification of furniture solutions and the establishment of a budget. Focus is placed on  compliance with TWU furniture/finishes standards and the end-user is provided assistance as they navigate the procurement process.
  • Coordinates with TWU departments for the procurement, management, and evaluation of professional consultant services for architects, engineers and program manager.
  • Oversees the design of major capital projects and assists with the implementation of the Master Plan for all campuses.
  • Serves as TWU’s representative of major capital projects, which includes acting as a resource for students, faculty and staff.
  • Provides assistance and guidance to colleges and departments as they formulate proposals for new and renovated facilities.

Project Request Information


If you should have any questions on this request form, assistance is available during Monday through Friday during working hours by contacting Dawn Byrd at or

Bobby Wilson
Cad Technician

Zachary Canales
Project Manager Planning & Design Services

Dawn Byrd
Coordinator Planning & Design Services




Purpose: To request a general price point for the scope of work described in order to better identify funding issues. This request comes before the Project Request Form to provide departments with generic pricing information for preliminary budgeting purposes before requesting a project to be implemented.

When to use: A department or division has a need or an idea for possible reconfiguration, cosmetic upgrade or remodel of space but has not yet identified a viable fund source or definite time frame within which the work should be accomplished. May also apply to furniture procurement.

Project Information Request



Purpose: To initiate design, formal estimating, and implementation services for project requests. "Projects involve multiple trades and have a cost that exceeds $5,000.00."

When to use: A department has a need for a project to be implemented within a definite time frame, a funding source has been identified, and have completed a Project Information Request. Examples: requests for space allocation, permanent signage, departmental relocations, cubicle re-configuration, cosmetic upgrades, furniture procurement, and complete space remodels.

Project Request



Purpose:  To formally submit a Capital (CAP) Project into the Capital Planning Process for prioritization by University Leaders.  A CAP Project is any request for University funds that exceeds the amount set forth by Vice President for Finance and Administration (“VPFA”) on an annual basis. These funds may be used for facilities renovations, equipment, software, etc.  Please refer to URP: 04.570 for information on the Capital Planning Policy.  [LINK to ISD]

 When to use:  A department or College may  submit a Capital (CAP) request in response to the official Annual Call for Projects from the VP for Finance and Administration.  

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