Fleet Procedures

Only university authorized drivers can drive a fleet vehicle. Obtain university authorization here.

Using the Vehicle Request Form, the requester must fill in all required information. The form is then forwarded via email to fleetservices@twu.edu at least 72 hours before the requested rental is confirmed to begin. (Submitting requests as early as possible enables Fleet Services a greater opportunity to confirm reservations for University vehicles as requested.)

Hours of operation for vehicle pick-up (keys) are 9:00am to 4:00pm. If you are in need of the vehicle before 9:00am please be sure to pick up keys before 4:00pm the previous day.

Keys/fobs and fuel card (if requested) are distributed from and returned to the FMC Fleet Services office.

Drivers must perform a pre-rental inspection of the vehicle before departure and again at the start of each day during the rental period. If there is a defect or damage noted before departure, the driver must note the defect and report it to Fleet Services before the vehicle is accepted with signature.

Drivers must complete the mileage log/Daily Use Form (State Auditor’s Form 376-P) in blue or black ink located in the vehicle at the conclusion of each day the vehicle is checked out. Failure to supply the information is a violation of state law.

If, when vehicles are returned to FMC, an odometer reading is not recorded by the driver dropping it off there is a possibility of being charged for the next client’s mileage should they pick up the vehicle before FMC can log that mileage.

All incidents or accidents in which TWU vehicles are involved must be reported to TWU’s Department of Public Safety at (940) 898-2911 or physically at 1201 Oakland St., Denton, Texas immediately following the incident or accident. Additionally, a SORM Accident Form should be filled out and provided to TWU’s Risk Management Office.

Should damage or malfunction require the vehicle to be transported from the location of collision or disrepair, contact Fleet Services at (940) 898-3166 for assistance.


  • Secure all property, including university vehicles. Do not leave keys in the ignition, cup holder, or in plain sight.
  • When a vehicle is returned after business hours in Denton, it should be parked at the TWU Physical Plant and the keys placed in the key return box, located outside Fleet Services south office entrance of FMC. All vehicle doors must be locked by the authorized driver. Fleet Services will inspect the returned vehicle the next business day.
  • In Dallas and Houston, the vehicle must be locked and keys should be returned the next business day to the issuing office.
  • Please dispose of your refuse before returning the vehicle. (When a vehicle is returned after-hours and then picked up before 9:00am for another trip the following day, there is no time for FMC to service that vehicle.)
  • Please see TWU URP I.17.b, Vehicle Operations Policy if you have questions regarding use of a vehicle, responsibility following collisions, passenger transportation, travel distance limitations, etc.

Page last updated 10:58 AM, April 15, 2022