Personal Vehicle

An employee traveling by personal vehicle must carry insurance as required by the State of Texas. An employee traveling in any non-University vehicle does so at his/her own risk. TWU accepts no responsibility for vehicle or other damage, personal injury, claims filing, vehicle repair, maintenance, insurance costs, towing or citations. Gas expense is covered by mileage reimbursement and is not allowed on the TWU travel card.

Mileage within five (5) miles of the traveler's Designated Headquarters is not reimbursable. Mileage will be reimbursed at a rate up to the current maximum rate of 67 cents/mile.

Texas Woman's University is not required to reimburse employees at the maximum rate. Departments within TWU may specify a mileage reimbursement rate that is lower than the maximum allowable rate per mile under Texas Government Code Section 660.007(b). The department must notify affected individuals in writing about the lower rate before implementing it.

Mileage to an employee's designated headquarters is not reimbursable regardless of the time or day of travel. For instance, mileage to your headquarters on a Saturday will not be reimbursed.

Personal vehicle mileage may be claimed as an expense in Concur utilizing Google Maps.

Travel to and from Residence in a Personal Vehicle

Mileage may be calculated to/from residence if the traveler:

  • Leaves his/her residence before working hours. Working hours are defined as 8a-5p Monday through Friday.
  • Leaves the duty point after working hours.
  • The residence is closer to the duty point than your headquarters.

Personal vehicle mileage may be claimed as an expense in Concur utilizing Google Maps.

Out-of-state Travel

When a personal vehicle is used for out-of-state travel, the employee must claim mileage reimbursement based on the lesser of:

  • Reasonable expense of travel from headquarters to the nearest commercial airport plus round-trip contract airfare from the nearest airport to the out-of-state destination and reasonable parking expenses. This may include what the taxi or limousine fares would have been from the point of destination to the employee’s lodging and return had the employee traveled by plane. This should be figured using the Justification of Mileage vs. Airfare form.
  • The actual out-of-state mileage at the current state rate per mile.
Employees Traveling Together

When multiple employees travel on the same date to the same place by personal vehicle, they are expected to share transportation. Every effort should be made to have at least four (4) persons to a car. Each passenger may submit an expense report to claim meals, and only the owner of the vehicle may claim mileage. No gas expenses will be reimbursed to any person in the car.

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