Air Travel

Airfare may only be purchased for employees, prospective employees, or TWU students traveling for University-sanctioned activities. Guest Lecturers’ or Performers’ airfare cannot be purchased using the TWU travel card.

TWU has partnered with Corporate Travel Management (CTM), a travel booking company, to assist employees with travel arrangements. Make your flight arrangements in Concur utilizing CTM for the best airfare when you need to travel.

A Request to Travel must be approved in Concur before charges are made on the Travel Card. Requests to travel are not required for: the Chancellor & President, Vice Presidents, Board of Regents, Athletic Team Travel, Student Group Travel or prospective employees.

Please Note: Optional fees such as seat upgrades, in-flight internet and entertainment, change fees and preferred boarding fees associated with airfare are not allowed unless necessary for TWU business purposes or medical reasons.

Page last updated 11:22 AM, January 14, 2022