Tuition & Fee Exemptions

Are you eligible for exemptions?

Exemptions are a type of financial assistance allowing some Texas residents to attend a public college or university in Texas without paying tuition or, in some cases, tuition and fees. Listed below are the exemption programs available to Texas residents.

  • Adopted Students Formerly in Foster or Other Residential Care 
  • Blind/Deaf Student Exemption Program 
  • Children of Disabled or Deceased Firemen, Peace Officers, Game Wardens, and Employees of Correctional Institutions 
  • Concurrent Enrollment Waiver (Enrollment in Two Texas Community Colleges)  
  • Exemption for Highest Ranking High School Graduate 
  • Exemption for Peace Officers Disabled in the Line of Duty 
  • Exemption for Students Enrolled in Courses for Dual High School and College-Level Credit 
  • Exemption for the Surviving Spouse and Dependent Children of Certain Deceased Public Servants (employees) 
  • Exemption Program for Children of Professional Nursing Program Faculty and Staff 
  • Exemption Program for Clinical Preceptors and Their Children 
  • Firefighters Taking Fire Science Courses 
  • Foster Care Students 
  • Military: Children of U.S. Military who are Missing in Action or Prisoners of War (MIA/POWs) 
  • Military: Exemptions for Texas Veterans (Hazlewood Exemptions) 
  • Military: Texas National Guard Tuition Assistance Program 
  • Military: Orphans of Texas Members of the U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard 
  • Senior Citizen, 65 or Older, Free Tuition for 6 Semester Hours 
  • Senior Citizen, 65 or Older, Free Tuition for Auditing Courses  

For detailed information, go to College for All Texans. Contact the TWU Registrar for required documentation to claim the exemption.