Eligibility Requirements

General Requirements

  • Be a United States Citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be accepted by TWU in a degree program. Students admitted with non-degree seeking or certificate only status are not eligible for scholarships, grants, loans, or Federal Work-Study.
  • Not be in default on an educational loan or owe a refund for an educational grant.
  • Use all funds received through financial aid programs to meet educational cost directly related to attendance at the University.
  • Have declared a major if beyond freshman classification.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress requirements.
  • Graduate students must be accepted into a graduate program.
  • If male, be registered with Selective Service or be exempt.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Not have been convicted for possession or sale of illegal drugs for an offense that occurred while receiving federal or state student financial aid.
  • Be enrolled for at least six semester credit hours each semester
Enrollment Requirements
Summer Enrollment Requirements
Repeating Courses
Failure to Enroll / Re-Enroll
Other Requirements