Sara Agredo

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I was born and raised in Colombia.

My main inspiration (for my collection) is Colombia and all the beautiful things that there are to enjoy and share about my culture.

A fun fact about my collection one of the fabrics that is used in the collection is actually from Colombia, and the collections is inspired on a trip that I had to Cartagena, Colombia right before the pandemic.

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Getsemani Collection

Venue: Sunago Bell, @sunagobell // Photographer: Victoria Nguyen, Victoria Adventures, @victoriadventures // Videographer: The Dallas Native, @thedallasnative // Hair: Sam Figueroa, Figueroa Salon, @figueroasalon_dallas // Makeup: Joana Zapata, MUA, @beauty_by_joana_vanesa // Florist: The D Diaries, @thed.diaries

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