BA in Fashion Design and BBA in General Business

Entrepreneurship Emphasis

Our dual degree program in fashion design and general business will prepare you to design and sell your own products as a small business owner in today's competitive economic environment. You will earn your bachelor of arts (BA) degree in fashion design and your bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree in general business with an emphasis in entrepreneurship simultaneously.

All of our undergraduate programs feature a strong liberal arts background, and your curriculum will include courses in English, history, government, mathematics, economics, humanities, art and computer science. Upon graduation, you will be prepared with the knowledge, skills and professional contacts necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced global textile and apparel industry.

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  • Students applying to the fashion design program will be admitted only provisionally to the program until the completion of FT 1013, FT 2013 and FT 2113 with a grade of "C" or better during the first enrollment. The only exception to this requirement is withdrawal from any of the courses during the first enrollment for medical reasons; students would be allowed a second enrollment. Students will be given full admission to the fashion design program after the provisional requirements are met. Students not given full admission to the program will be required to seek a change of major.
  • Transfer students should refer to the Fashion and Textiles Transfer Student Admissions page to learn more about transferring credit hours and course equivalencies.

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