Professional Education Council

Formerly known as the Teacher Education Council, the Professional Education Council is the official body for the recommending of actions regarding the development, administration, evaluation, and revision of undergraduate and graduate professional education courses, programs, and policies regarding programs, students, and faculty in professional education. Its purpose is to ensure that the professional education programs are quality programs complying with professional standards, including those of specialty professional organizations, accrediting agencies, Texas testing, accountability and certification standards, and the Texas Education Agency. Additionally, it serves as a mechanism for local public school agencies to have representation, communication, and input into the policy and curricular decisions being made concerning the professional education programs at TWU, in order that the needs of public education agencies are being addressed. Membership on the PEC includes faculty, students, community educators, and representatives from staff with responsibilities important to multiple Professional Education programs. The faculty representatives come from the departments of COPE and the colleges housing professional education programs and are involved with preparation of professional educators. The Dean of the College of Professional Education serves as Council Chair.

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