Current Students

B.A. in English

For advising on the Literature or Writing and Rhetoric tracks, contact Matthew Brown, Ph.D. For advising on the Teaching 7-12 track, contact Stephen Souris, Ph.D. For English or Journalism minor advising, or for general questions about the program, contact Ashley Bender, Ph.D.

M.A. in English

Contact Brian Fehler, Ph.D., at to set up an advising appointment for the M.A. in English.

Ph.D. in Rhetoric

Contact Brian Fehler, Ph.D., at to set up an advising appointment for the Ph.D. in Rhetoric.

Student Travel Applications

Students who wish to apply for assistance with travel expenses for professional experience must fill out a university student travel form. Students can also apply for department funds, as long as they have applied for university funds.

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