For Students

Education abroad provides opportunities for students to live in a country outside of the United States while participating in a program that will enhance the quality of their academic pursuits. Abroad experiences typically include taking approved coursework while in the “host” country. Students may also pursue internships or service-learning experiences abroad.

Why seek education abroad?

  • Experience education from a different perspective
  • Engage in a new culture
  • Diversify academic and personal experiences on a resume
  • Discover new interests
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Gain global perspectives
  • Expand personal development and intellectual growth
  • Foster a passion for international travel
  • Partake in an unforgettable life experience

Where do students travel?

TWU offers education abroad opportunities in more than 25 countries around the world. Students have the option of participating in short-term programs led by TWU faculty or can study for longer periods of time through one of our affiliated partners. Education abroad programs vary in length from as short as 7 days to as long as an academic year. Choosing the right program and location is one of the first steps in the education abroad process.


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