Faculty-Led Abroad Courses

In addition to traditional on-campus or online coursework, TWU also offers courses that include either a domestic (out-of-state) or international travel component. The bulk of the coursework may take place during the regular semester with travel occurring at the end of the semester. For example, an in-class spring semester course with international travel occurring in May. Or, travel may occur during a break in the semester (ex. Spring Break). Many Faculty-Led Abroad Abroad Courses are offered during the summer semester with the travel components occurring during that semester.

The information below provides details for Faculty-Led Abroad Courses that may be available. All courses are subject to TWU approval, and must meet minimum enrollment standards.


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Program: Honors English in Eastern Europe
Location: Berlin & Dresden, Germany; Prague, Czach Republic, Krakow Poland, & Budapest, Hungary
Abroad Dates: January 3-12, 2020
Course Term: Fall 2019
Course(s): ENGL 2043.90 &  ENG 4913.90
Faculty Leaders: Dr. Guy Litton & Ms. Beth Whitley
TWU Registration: https://abroad.twu.edu/?go=HonorsAbroad20


Program: Nursing in The Netherlands
Location: Amsterdam & Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Abroad Dates: March 26 - April 4, 2020
Course Term: Spring 2020
Course(s): NURS 5911.63 & 6903.63
Faculty Leaders: Ann St. GermainDr. Cathy Hueske
TWU Registration: https://abroad.twu.edu/?go=NURSNetherlands


Program: Healthcare in Great Britain
Location: London, England
Abroad Dates: May 12-27, 2020
Course Term: Spring 2020
Course(s): NURS 4902.31

Faculty Leaders: Gayle Night & Shopha Tserotas
TWU Registration: https://abroad.twu.edu/?go=HealthcareGB


Program: Nursing in Vietnam
Location: Ho Chi Min City, Ha Long Bay, Hanoi, Sa Pa, Hue City, & Da Nang, Vietnam
Abroad Dates: May 13-27, 2020
Course Term: Spring 2020
Course(s): NURS 4902.63 

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Vi Ho & Dr. Peggy Landrum
TWU Registration: https://abroad.twu.edu/?go=NursVietnam


Program: Nursing in South Korea
Location: Seoul & Daejeon, South Korea
Abroad Dates: May 14-25, 2020
Course Term: Spring 2020
Course(s): NURS 4902.61

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Michelle Cho & Dr. Joan Edwards
TWU Registration: https://abroad.twu.edu/?go=NursKorea20


Program: Dental Hygiene & Health Studies in Peru
Location: Lima, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, & Aguas Calientes, Peru
Abroad Dates: May 18-28, 2020
Course Term: Spring 2020
Course(s): DH 4533.55, HS 5723.55
Faculty Leader: Dr. Leslie Koberna & Patricia Tischler
TWU Registration: https://abroad.twu.edu/?go=DHHSPeru


Program: Healthcare Administration in Canada
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Abroad Dates: May 16-23, 2020
Course Term: Summer I 2020
Course(s): HCA 5903.50
Faculty Leader: Dr. Sandy Murdock
TWU Registration: https://abroad.twu.edu/?go=HCA2020


Program: MBA Program in Greece
Location: Ahtens, Delphi, Argolis, & Santorini, Greece
Abroad Dates: June 11-20, 2020
Course Term: Summer 2 2020
Course(s): BUS 5503.50
Faculty Leader: Dr. David Rylander & Dr. Michael Raisinghani
TWU Registration: https://abroad.twu.edu/?go=MBA2020

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