Teacher's Corner


   This site was developed as a cultural education tool for science teachers of the deaf. 

     The teacher resources for this site can be found at  The purpose of the Wiki is for teachers to be able to exchange ideas, lesson plans, science experiments, and videos related to each scientist's field of study.

     It is our goal that as a teacher you will be able to use this site as a resource and teaching tool.  The biographies found within the Website have been carefully written for a target reading level of 3rd-6th grade.  Occasionally you will find that a sentence or two will contain content-related vocabulary that significantly increases the reading level of the biography.  We have attempted to rectify that by providing links to outside resources, sign language video clips, and the items being referred to.

     As our Website continues to grow we will continue to strive to make our Website accessible to the largest audience possible.

     We welcome your comments and suggestions and thank you for visiting our site.


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