Gideon E. Moore

Gideon E. Moore was born in 1842 in Philadelphia.  He lost his hearing over time when he was an older child.  Moore preferred to use writing to communicate.  However, he could read lips.  The Deaf community did not accept him because he did not become deaf until he was an older child.  He also struggled to communicate with hearing people. He was profoundly deaf when he started college.


University of Heidelberg

Picture Courtesy of the University of Heidelberg

He went to Yale College.  After he went to Yale College he went to the University of Heidelberg in Germany.  He received his doctorate degree and graduated with honors.

He started working for the government in the United States when he graduated.  He was an assayer.  An assayer is a person that tests minerals to find out what is in them.

Amethyst - Mineral

Picture Courtesy of the Würzburg Mineralogical Museum

Aquamarine - Mineral

Picture Courtesy of the Würzburg Mineralogical Museum

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Photo Courtesy of the Peabody Museum

The following is the only known photo of a brushite specimen.

 It is part of the Brush Collection,  # MIN.3.00613, of the Peabody Museum at Yale University.  The photo may not be reproduced without written consent from the Peabody Museum.

His first discovery was a new mineral.  He found it in New Jersey.  He studied many different characteristics of the mineral such as the hardness, color, and specific gravity.  He named the mineral Brushite after his favorite teacher.

He also studied and documented the characteristics of a new mineral that was eventually named Metacinnabarite.  After that he selected by the government to study sorghum after the Civil War.  Since there was a shortage of sugar cane, the government wanted him to study how to make it into sugar for little money.

Photo Courtesy of the Probert Encyclopedia



Photo Courtesy of the University of Nebraska


Photo Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine

Moore died on April 13, 1895 of pneumonia.

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