Undocumented Student Support

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach stands in unity with our undocumented community here at Texas Woman’s University. We proudly provide supporting sites and resources to students, faculty, and staff on the latest information pertaining to our undocumented community.

These sites provide information on topics such as knowing their legal rights, policy updates, scholarships, and opportunities for undocumented immigrant students to network, connect and advocate in the community regardless of their immigration status.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, & Outreach or call 940-898-3519.

Apply for TAFSA

TWU Resources

Students may contact the following offices regarding legal questions and concerns, support services, and university scholarships.

Stay Connected

To connect on national scholarships, social advocacy, internships specifically for undocumented students, visit the following websites.


If you need assistance with In-state(Texas) Financial Aid, private scholarships, college access, and finding your Texas House of Representatives, visit the following websites.


Students, faculty, staff can find national updated on immigration, advocacy, policies, worker’s rights, discrimination, work authorization by visiting the following websites.

External Resources

Scholarships for DACA Students

Undocumented students may not apply for federal student aid using the FAFSA, but this does not have to be a barrier to attending and succeeding in college. Below are a few resources that will provide financial support to undocumented students:

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