The SUCCESS Mentoring Program is a mentoring program designed to assist first-generation first year college students in making a successful and enjoyable transition to college by creating a educationally and supportive network in order for them to be successful in their first year at Texas Woman’s University.                                               

Peer associations are important in creating opportunities for leadership and cultural support and can provide a supportive educational environment aimed at student development and academic success.

Program Goals

  • Guide and support first generation college students at TWU.
  • Create a socially and academically supportive network of mentors and peers.
  • Facilitate social interaction, leadership development, and educational success.
  • Assist in the retention and ultimate graduation of SUCCESS participants.


All SUCCESS sponsored programs planned throughout the year by the mentoring staff will cover the areas of social interaction, educational success, leadership development, and community involvement.

Mentees (first-year students)
Mentors (junior/senior students)

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