Multicultural Graduation Celebration

Graduates wear stoles with familial and cultural meanings.
Students and their families enjoy graduation at Texas Woman's.

The Multicultural Graduation Celebration acknowledges the value and uniqueness of underrepresented student experiences and serves to commemorate and highlight the accomplishments of individuals within their familial and cultural context. The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach encourages all TWU Pioneers to learn more about how to apply and participate in this culturally-based graduation celebration.

Multicultural Graduation FAQs

When and where will the Multicultural Graduation Celebration be? The Multicultural Graduation Celebration will be held on Friday, April 5, 2019 at Multipurpose Classroom Laboratory Building (MCL), room 101.

  • Multicultural Celebration – 9 a.m. (Multicultural Stole)

  • People of Nia Celebration – 11 a.m. (Kente Stole)

  • Lavender Celebration – 1 p.m. (Lavender Stole)

  • La Raza Celebration – 3 p.m. (Serape Stole)

Who can participate in the Multicultural Graduation Celebration? Any TWU student (undergraduate or graduate) who will be graduating in May 2019 can participate.

I'm in Houston; can I still participate? Yes! You will pick up stoles from Deb in Student Life. 

What ceremony can students participate in? Students can participate in one of the following celebrations:

  • Multicultural Celebration: Multicultural Stole; Asian/Pacific Islander, American Indian, Multiracial identities, etc.
  • People of Nia Celebration: Kente Stole; African, African American, Black identities
  • La Raza Celebration: Serape Stole; Hispanic/Latinx identities
  • Lavender Celebration: Lavender Stoles; LGBTQIA identities

Do I need to fill out an application/register to participate? Yes! The registration form serves to inform the committee on who to include in the program, how many students to expect, etc. While we would like to provide a stole and celebrate every graduating senior, stoles are limited so please apply early!

Where can I find the registration form? Click on the button at the bottom of this page.

How many guests may I invite? As many guests as you would like, space permitting.

What does it cost? Nothing! It is FREE for you and your guests.

If selected, do I need to attend the event to receive my stole? Yes, you must attend the event to get your stole.

When is the deadline to apply? The application for Spring 2019 will be open from Feb. 26 until Mar. 19.

Who do I contact if I have questions? If you have a question, please contact us at 940-898-3679 or email:

Multicultural Graduation Registration Form

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