Campus Advocacy and Inclusion Team (CAIT)

Texas Woman’s University Campus Advocacy and Inclusion Team (CAIT), based in the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach, works collaboratively across campus and community to build a climate of inclusivity and respect. The fundamental role of the Campus Advocacy and Inclusion Team (CAIT) is to:

  • Assess the current TWU campus climate, identify areas of campus climate improvement, explore best practices from other institutions, and build collaborations across the institution and larger community to address campus climate issues regarding inclusivity and social justice.
  • Facilitate response to situations that affect the larger TWU community through education about current and historical issues surrounding bias.
  • Provide those who have witnessed or themselves become a target of an act of bias an opportunity to be heard and supported.
  • Advise and make periodic recommendations to the Vice President for Student Life regarding issues of inclusion and campus climate.

It is not the purpose of the Campus Advocacy and Inclusion Team (CAIT) to investigate, arbitrate, or to take the place of other TWU processes or services; rather, the intention is to complement and work with campus entities to connect those who have witnessed or themselves become a target of an act of bias with appropriate support and resources. The CAIT does not and will not initiate disciplinary action or impose sanctions regarding bias incidents. Data collected from any assessment or bias reports is used to develop educational and outreach programs.


CAIT Members

CAIT is made up of a core group of faculty, staff and students who can respond to bias incidents involving students, faculty and staff.

Members of the team include:

  • Stephanie Krauth, PhD.
    Student Life
  • Becky Rodriguez
    Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach
  • Danielle Philips-Cunningham, PhD.
    Multicultural Women’s & Gender Studies
  • Charolette Hunt
    Athletics Compliance & Academic Services
  • Vik Arunkumar
    University Housing & Residential Life
  • Michelle Reeves
    Civility & Community Standards
  • Carmen Cruz, Psy.D.
    Counseling & Psychological Services

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