Center for Women in Business hosts Disney Institute Summit

The 2019 Disney Institute Summit has passed. Stay tuned for information about the 2020 Disney Institute Summit.

Texas Woman’s University's Center for Women in Business is proud to welcome the Disney Institute Leadership and Employee Engagement Summit, a two-day professional development course, to Denton, TX, Jan. 10-11, 2019.

Behind everything Disney does are employee engagement and sound leadership insights that have been time-tested by decades of success. Explore how you could shape your organization's culture based on desired employee behaviors and select people who are a right fit for your company's culture.

In this training, you will:

  • Day 1: Leadership
    • Adapt time-tested Disney business insights to assess and improve your organization
    • Identify personal and organizational values that enable you as a leader to deliver upon you and your organization's vision
    • Establish and align personal and organizational values that can help bring the vision to life for your employees
    • Understand how values-infused leaders operationalize a supportive team culture
    • Identify strategies to sustain your organization’s values and vision during turbulent times as well as good times
    • Build your personal legacy as a leader
  • Day 2: Employee Engagement
    • Shape your organization’s culture based on desired employee behaviors and select people who are a right fit for your culture
    • Adapt training strategies that ensure employees are confident in their roles by creating a holistic plan that drives employee engagement
    • Develop high-quality communication that strengthens your organization’s culture and engages your employees
    • Create a supportive environment through genuine care, including employee’s recognition and the elimination of workplace hassles

Discover in this two-day summit, how leadership drives an organization's culture through intentional communication of shared values and visions.

Who should attend?

This course has given leaders in finance, health care, transportation, retail and many more business sectors, a competitive edge. Learn how a common vision can lead to the strong leadership your business needs for continued success. Explore how you could adapt Disney philosophies in which you shape your organization's culture based on desired employee behaviors to your organization, creating the leadership that generates results and select people who are a right fit for your culture.

About Disney Institute

For nearly three decades, Disney Institute has helped professionals discover ways to positively impact their organizations and the customer they serve through immersion in leadership, service and employee engagement. Unique to Disney Institute is the opportunity to observe firsthand how Disney methodologies are operationalized and how they can be adapted and applied to any work environment. To learn more, visit or call 321-939-4600.

About TWU’s Center for Women in Business

Texas Woman’s University’s Center for Women in Business is the state’s only university center dedicated to women’s entrepreneurship and business ownership. The CWB provides the tools for women-owned businesses to succeed including access to training, funding, coaching, networking events and mentoring opportunities for prospective business owners and students.

To learn more, visit the Center for Women in Business or call 940-898-2895.


Although Disney Institute is presenting this program, the sponsor of this program, Texas Woman’s University, and not Disney Institute, is responsible for marketing and promoting this program. This includes any food and beverage offered at or in connection with this program. Texas Woman’s University is not an agent of Disney Institute or its affiliates, and Disney Institute and its affiliates assume no liability relating to the event or for the acts or omissions of Texas Woman’s University.

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