Apply to the Doctoral Program in Dance

Application Deadlines

Dancer in black leotard
Photo by Jesse Scroggins.

The deadline for all application materials to be received by the Department of Dance is Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

  • Students from the U.S. should have their completed graduate school application and required materials submitted for review and processing at least one month before the October 1, 2019 deadline.
  • International students or students with a Master’s degree from outside the U.S. should have their completed graduate school application and required materials submitted for review and processing at least 3 months before the October 1, 2019 deadline.

Graduate School Application

Apply for admission to the TWU Graduate School.

More information about graduate study at TWU can be found on the TWU Graduate School website.

Additional Required Materials

In addition to the Graduate School Application, the following materials must be submitted directly to the Department of Dance:

  1. Department of Dance Application Form
  2. A 3-page Statement of Purpose that outlines how your personal and professional goals align with our doctoral program and faculty. Tell us why you are applying to the TWU Ph.D. in Dance program, and what you want to do here. Describe your research interests and area of intended specialization. What questions do you want to investigate in relation to what dance practices? What new knowledge and skills that apply to your research interests are you expecting to develop in our program? Do you see evidence that the necessary resources (coursework, faculty) are available at TWU? How do you see this program helping you reach your career goals? Feel free to include any additional information that may aid us in evaluating your preparation and aptitude for doctoral study at TWU.
  3. A scholarly writing sample (max. 20-25 pages) such as a journal article, thesis chapter, research paper, or conference paper. The writing sample is your opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking and writing skills, and should showcase the potential for the kind of research, analysis, and synthesis that is essential to a doctoral program.
  4. A curriculum vitae highlighting your experience in dance.
  5. Three letters of recommendation from academic or artistic professionals who can specifically address your academic preparation and potential for success in doctoral study.

Please send all the above application materials as email attachments to with the subject heading, “Doctoral Application Materials.” Letters of recommendation may be sent directly from your recommenders.

International Applicants and Applicants with a Master’s Degree from a non-U.S. University

International applicants must review the TWU international admission requirements. Additional information about studying at TWU as an international student is available from the International Education department. International students and those with a Master’s Degree from a non-U.S. university should be prepared to have their materials submitted for review and processing at least 3 months before the Department of Dance October 1, 2019 deadline, as there are extra levels of review associated with these applications.

Admission Interview

An interview is required for admission to the doctoral program, either in person or over the phone. Qualified applicants will be contacted by the Department of Dance Recruitment Coordinator to schedule an interview after the October 1, 2019 application deadline.


If you have questions regarding the doctoral program application process, please email our doctoral program coordinator, Dr. Rosemary Candelario.

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