Keith Fleming

Studio Instructor/Dance Musician

Keith Fleming headshot

Keith Fleming, Dance Musician, joined the department in January of 2000. He tries to wear as many musical hats as possible--accompanist, composer, improviser, teacher, collaborator, recording engineer, and others--bringing as wide of a variety of sounds, styles and ideas into the dance environment as possible. He has worked with dancers in San Francisco, Chicago, Salt Lake City, and throughout Ohio and Texas. He has composed or arranged over 100 pieces for choreographers and has accompanied well over 10,000 dance classes since he began working with dancers at Lone Mountain College in San Francisco in 1977. He has been a staff musician or guest artist at Denison University, Ohio State University, University of Utah, Columbia College in Chicago, Northwestern University, University of California at Berkeley, and Cleveland State University.

Keith has had the great fortune to collaborate with such luminaries as Doug Nielsen, Jordan Fuchs, Douglas Dunn, Larry Clark, Linda Smith and Kay Clarke, Jacques Bell, Laurie Sanda, and Molly Shanahan, among others. He has also had the great fortune to study dance musicianship and to play for many gifted instructors including master teachers such as Lucas Hoving. After studying at City College in San Francisco he received his degree in Music with an emphasis in theory and composition from the Ohio State University, where he also completed some post graduate work in music theory and perception. He studied classical guitar with Spencer Burleson in San Francisco; traditional African percussion with a variety of teachers in Columbus, Ohio; and composition with Robert Morton, Jerry Mueller and briefly with Leo Brouwer, Donald Erb, Thomas Wells and Elliot Schwartz.

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