Class Descriptions

TWU Community Dance Center

Welcome to the Community Dance Center at Texas Woman’s University! We offer dance instruction for community members of all ages to explore the art of dance with our professionally trained teachers.

Our classes, from beginning levels to advanced, teach dance technique and the creative process while promoting individuality, positive self-esteem, and teamwork among our students. Come and create dance connections with us!

Contact: 940-898-2003

Creative Dance Classes for toddlers - 6-year-olds

The Creative Dance series provides toddlers to six-year-olds foundational movement experiences, equipping students for understanding dance concepts and key movement skills. Classes include age-appropriate movement exploration, rhythm and movement games as well as traditional dance combinations. Class activities help to improve gross motor skills, movement awareness and control within a playful environment and prepare students for advancement to our Dance Technique classes for elementary aged children.

Creative Dance for Families, Walking toddler - 3-year-olds, with Caregiver

A great option for young children and their caregiver! This class provides a caring and fun environment to explore dance with your little one. Together, caregiver and child will explore rhythm, songs, movement games, gross motor learning, and creative play that can be used at home and in future dance classes. To register, pay for one child (parent is free). Siblings in this age range are welcome and will receive a discounted registration. Wear comfortable clothes and bare feet. No special shoes needed!

Registration covers the cost for one child and caretaker(s). Additional siblings can receive a discount. See registration for details.

Preschool Creative Dance, Ages 3-4

Students explore the fundamentals of dance—spatial awareness, timing and rhythms, shapes, and movement qualities—through creative and playful skill-building activities. This class brings together song, movement, and story through developmentally designed activities for three and four-year-olds. Wear clothes you can move in. No special shoes are required—just your bare feet!

Creative Dance I,  Pre-K, Ages 4-5

Students continue to explore the fundamentals of dance—space, time, shape, and movement qualities—through creative movement exploration and playful exercises. This class also introduces students to ways of creating with movement as they invent small dances with their classmates. This class only requires clothing easy to move in and bare feet!

Creative Dance II, Kindergarten, Ages 5-6

Students expand their learning of the fundamentals of dance—space, time, shape, and movement qualities—through creative movement exploration and dance making, laying the groundwork for advancement to our Dance Technique series of classes for elementary aged children. In this class, students are introduced to traditional dance techniques from distinct dance styles as they learn, create, and perform their own original dance choreography. Students do not need special shoes for this class—only easy to move in clothing and bare feet!

Dance Technique Classes for 1st through 5th graders

The Community Dance Center classes for elementary aged children provide instruction in modern dance, ballet, and hip hop. These classes emphasize flexibility, strength, and artistic and creative expression. Students are encouraged to try all genres of dance in this series to foster greater dance awareness and understanding and to develop solid movement skill sets before progressing to our classes for middle schoolers.

Ballet/Modern I, Grades 1 & 2

This class introduces students to two distinct but complementary styles of dance: ballet and modern dance. Students learn the fundamentals of ballet barre exercises and vocabulary as well as locomotor modern dance combinations. Through the study of both dance genres, students will broaden their understanding of basic dance concepts as they jump, twist, pose, pirouette, and jeté! In addition, students will learn, create, and perform original dance choreography. Easy to move in clothing and ballet shoes are needed.

Hip Hop I, Grades 1 & 2

This class introduces fun stylized movements and body rhythms of hip hop for the younger student. Through the use of music and games, this class focuses on basic footwork and age-appropriate choreography. This is a great class to get little ones moving, and all that is needed is easy to move in clothing and sneakers!

Ballet/Modern II, Grades 3, 4, & 5

This class explores movement concepts and dance combinations from ballet and modern dance for upper elementary aged children. As students glide, leap, and chassé they will learn basics of ballet, and when they take their ballet shoes off they will learn modern dance technique through dynamic across-the-floor dance combinations. In addition students will create and perform original dance choreography. Easy to move in clothing and ballet shoes are needed.

Hip-Hop II, Grades 3, 4, & 5

This energetic upbeat class teaches the fundamentals of hip hop movement with a focus on isolations, footwork, and rhythm. Students have fun learning and memorizing an age-appropriate dance routine that incorporates intricate percussive movements, popping, locking, and breaking—all that is required is easy to move in clothing and sneakers!

Dance Technique and Fitness Classes for Teens and Adults

The Community Dance Center classes for teens and adults are offered in a variety of genres and levels. We welcome the beginner who has never taken a class before to those that have studied dance—we have a class for everyone!

Ballet, Teen/Adult (All Levels)

Students explore the fundamentals of ballet technique, including basic barre and center exercises, proper body alignment, and ballet vocabulary. This class is designed to increase strength and flexibility while experiencing creative and fun ballet combinations. Dance attire and ballet shoes are required.

Modern Dance, Teen/Adult (All Levels)

This class teaches basic elements and techniques of modern dance, exploring how the body moves through space, use of breath, musicality and rhythm, qualitative dynamics of movement, contraction/release as well as dance conditioning. Only easy to move in dance clothing and bare feet are needed!

Tap, Teen/Adult (All Levels)

This class provides a solid foundation of tap dance technique and rhythmic awareness. In addition to learning steps and tap combinations, students are introduced to the historical roots of tap and its revolutionary dancers. Designed for beginning to intermediate levels, students will be encouraged to find their own rhythmic flow through improvisation and class jams. Tap shoes and easy to move in clothing are required.

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