Crisis Intervention

We are here to help if you are concerned about yourself or someone else.

What is a crisis?

The definition of a crisis may vary from person to person based on their ability to cope, current resources, and past life experiences. Always consult with a mental health professional if you are concerned about yourself or someone else.

Some general guidelines defining a crisis include:

  • An inability to keep self physically safe
  • Threatening to hurt self or others
  • Being threatened or physically hurt by someone else
  • Seeing or hearing things that are not there
  • Experiencing uncontrollable panic and unable to calm down
  • Recent sexual or physical assault
  • Currently living without food, clothing, and shelter
  • Having withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol (Call 911 in this instance for medical assistance.)

What can I expect if I initiate crisis intervention services?

A therapist will:

  • Ask you questions to assess your safety and your ability to cope
  • Help you calm down
  • Assist you in making a plan to address your concerns

A therapist may:

  • Contact police and medical professionals to assist you or others. This may take place without your consent, if warranted by the crisis situation.
  • Refer you to the Counseling Center or another agency for therapeutic services.

What is the cost for services?

  • Fees for services are included in enrolled students’ paid fees. No additional charges are incurred.

How do I get help?

During regular business hours…

Immediate assistance is available on a walk-in basis for any student experiencing a crisis situation. Please go to your nearest Counseling and Psychological Services location.

  • Denton: West Jones Hall, 940-898-3801
  • Dallas: Institute of Health Sciences, Suite 8300, 214-689-6655
  • Houston: Institute of Health Sciences, Suite 2250, 713-794-2059

In a medical emergency, please call 911 first.

After regular business hours…

All campuses should call the TWU Denton Campus Department of Public Safety and ask for the on-call therapist.

  • Denton: 940-898-2911
  • Dallas: call Denton campus DPS at 940-898-2911
  • Houston: call Denton campus DPS at 940-898-2911

In a medical emergency, please call 911 first.

If you are uncomfortable contacting the TWU CAPS or 911, we sincerely hope you will still seek help somewhere.



Texas Telephone Crisis Lines

  • Adapt Community Solutions Mental Health Crisis Line: 866-260-8000
  • Dallas Suicide and Crisis Center: 214-828-1000
  • Dallas NorthSTAR Mobile Crisis Line: 214-220-7722
  • Dallas Contact Suicide and Crisis Line: 972-233-2233
  • Denton County Crisis Line: 800-762-0157
  • Ft. Worth/Tarrant County Crisis Line: 817-335-3022
  • Houston/Harris County Crisis Line: 713-970-7000
  • Ellis/Johnson/Navarro County Crisis Line: 800-451-1659
  • Grayson/Cooke/Fannin County Crisis Line: 903-957-4701

National Telephone Crisis Lines

  • Trevor Project Hotline: 866-488-7386
  • National Suicide Hotlines USA: 800-784-2433 and 800-273-8255