Stipend and Benefits


The stipend will be $35,568. Each intern is formally titled "Psychology Intern." The 12-month contract period is from August 1st to July 31st. Intern positions are full-time, salaried, exempt state employees.



Vacation leave is accrued at the rate of eight hours per month resulting in 12 vacation days. Vacation hours may be used after six months. The Director of Training must be consulted before leave is taken. Interns are required to save 3 vacation days for the end of the internship year. 

Sick leave

Sick leave is accrued at the rate of eight hours per month, resulting in 12 sick days during the internship. Sick leave may be used as it is accrued. Interns have several University-designated holidays, most of which are clustered around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays.

Professional leave

Professional leave is provided for interns to attend conventions, workshops, job interviews, or other appropriate professional development activities. The Director of Training must approve the leave.  

Direct Service hours

Vacation and professional leave approval will be based on clinic needs and satisfactory progress toward the accrual of 500 direct clinical service hours required to complete the internship.

Conference registration

Each intern is allocated $250 per year to use for professional conference and workshop registration. In addition, all interns attend the Texas Counseling Center Psychology Intern Conference. This conference is held on a rotating basis at one of the 8 Texas Counseling Center internship sites. The conference allows for networking and usually has presentations in the following areas:

  • Types of Employment for Psychologists
  • Presentation of licensure process in Texas (both the EPPP and the jurisprudence)
  • Various presentations about clinical work and self-care. 

Insurance allocation

As Texas state employees, current interns receive health insurance which covers medical benefits. Several other insurance programs are available, including dental, life, dependent life, and disability. Interns become eligible for insurance 60 days after the start of employment, October 1st.
Personal counseling is available to interns from local practitioners using TWU health insurance benefits. Interns are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity as needed.

Income tax

There is currently no state or city income tax in Texas.

Retirement plan

As one-year employees of the state of Texas, interns are required to participate in a retirement plan by contributing 6.4 percent of their monthly salary. Money contributed, together with the interest earned, is available to interns upon completion of the internship. In practice, this "retirement plan" is a savings account.


Total financial reimbursement and time off with pay are summarized below.

Salary: $35,568
Health Insurance
Conference Registration:  $250 + Annual Texas Intern Conference paid in full 
Vacation: 12 days
Sick Leave:  12 days
Holidays: 12 days (approx.)
Professional Leave:  variable 

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