CAPs staff depend on interns to provide informative feedback about their training experiences. Training staff also provide regular, constructive feedback to interns regarding their skill development and professional growth.

Formal Evaluation

Interns and supervisors regularly exchange information about the intern's progress and the usefulness of the supervision experience. Midway through the training year, and again at the end, interns and supervisors complete written evaluations of their experiences. Periodic feedback on each intern's progress is also provided at these points to the intern's academic program director.

At the end of the internship year, interns meet with the Director of Training to provide oral evaluation feedback and a written evaluation of the training program as a whole. This information provides the basis for the Training Committee's evaluation of the internship's effectiveness.  

Training Committee Meeting

The internship is guided by the Training Committee, which is chaired by the Director of Training. The Committee meets every other week to review training policies and procedures, discuss ways to assist interns in reaching their training objectives, and evaluate the overall content and direction of training activities. The committee is comprised of the senior staff. An intern can request to meet with the Training Committee at any point during the training year.

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