Confirmed Cases

Texas Woman’s University continues to monitor the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19. When a confirmed case is identified on campus, TWU’s dedicated contract tracing team will work with the individual to identify affected campus locations and communicate with those on campus who are determined to have been in close contact as defined by the CDC.

Individuals who have been exposed/confirmed with a positive case on campus will be quarantined (on campus, if a residential student*, at home if not). Additionally, areas on campus where the individual with the confirmed positive case has been will be closed and cleaned according to CDC guidelines. Signage will be used to indicate the space is closed.

Please refer to the list for confirmed COVID-19 cases on TWU's campuses. The university will update the list as information on new cases are verified. No campus or department-wide emails are distributed for positive cases.

*TWU has established specific floors in two residence halls as COVID-19 quarantine areas.

Page last updated 4:31 PM, August 26, 2020