TWU Travel Card

The state-issued traveler credit card is to be used for official state business travel expenses. Use of the travel card for personal business or travel is considered a violation of state policy and TWU travel guidelines, and the employee may be subject to disciplinary action.

Employees using the travel card agree to be bound by the state and university policies governing the use of the card. Each traveler needs to use their own travel card for their own travel-related expenses. All credit card charges are uploaded to the Concur software for the specific cardholder (Traveler). These charges must be reconciled to the traveler’s expense report after travel has been completed.

Employees may request a TWU travel credit card if they expect to travel. Click here for instructions on how to request a card in Concur.

Employee Termination

Prior to termination of active employment, cardholders must reconcile all card charges and any disputes must be resolved. Submit a Request in Concur to cancel the travel card.

Page last updated 11:19 AM, January 14, 2022