Prospective Employee Travel

Travel for prospective employees or donors is governed by the same domestic travel guidelines used for state employees. Exceptions are noted below:

  • Request to Travel is not required.
  • Lodging may be purchased using a Purchase Order when using local funds.
  • All meal receipts must be itemized. 

All travel expenses pertaining to a prospective employee or donor are to be reconciled in Concur after completion of the trip.

The department is responsible for establishing a profile for the prospective employee/donor and reconciling all travel expense in Concur.

How to establish a profile in Concur:

The TWU employee can pay for airfare and/or hotel on their individual TWU Travel Card.

Note: these charges show up on the TWU employee travel card and must be reconciled by the employee. 

To reconcile travel expenses on a TWU Travel Card the TWU employee will:

  • Create an expense report for all expenses associated with the trip
  • Select Prospective Employee or Prospective Donor from the 'Travel Type' dropdown list in Concur
  • Add the prospective employee/donor as an attendee for the expenses (first and last name)
  • Select Prospective Employee or Prospective Donor from the 'Attendee Type' dropdown
  • "Act As" the prospective employee/donor in Concur for any out-of-pocket expenses, if any
  • Be sure to attach any receipts for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses

NOTE: Prospective employees and donors only need to be set up in Concur if TWU is paying for any part of their travel expenses. 


Page last updated 1:54 PM, December 13, 2022