Account Combination Request Form

Before you request a new account combination:

  • Use the Account Inquiry screen to be sure the combination does not already exist.
  • Make sure the account number is valid.

Explanation of a Valid Account Number:

The structure of the TWU General Ledger account number is composed of 6 segments, represented as : FF.SSS.EE.DDDD.OOOO.GGGGGGGG

Each segment is a numeric code representing the following:

  1. FF - Fund# (10, 11, 12...)
  2. SSS - Funding Source (100 = Appropriations, 420 = course fees, etc...)
  3. EE - Element of Cost (05 = instruction, 10 = research, etc...)
  4. DDDD - Department (1502 = Controller's office, 0702 = Dean, Nursing, etc...)
  5. OOOO - Object Code (7300 = consumables, 7210 = fees, etc...)
  6. GGGGGGGG - Grant/Project (00013500 = Friends of the Little Chapel, etc...)
  7. Each valid account number is represented by a unique sequence of defined codes for every segment except the 5th.

Segment #5 (Object Code - OOOO) is the only segment that can have multiple variations for the same account. This Combination Request Form is only used for adding a new Object Code segment to a valid account number.

  • Make sure funds are available to expedite posting.
  • If a grant account, be sure the expenditure associated with the requested object code complies with grant funding guidelines.
  • You will receive confirmation that the request combination has been added.
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