Check Request Policy


Check requests are used to initiate payment for services or goods that do not require a purchase order (PO) and cannot be processed through the use of a TWU PCard.  If a purchase or expense is questionable, contact Procurement Services before making the obligation to ensure that payment/reimbursement is allowed.
Authorized Funds

  • Fund 11- Designated
  • Fund 12 & 14 - Auxiliary
  • Fund 19 - Restricted (must be an authorized purchase by granting agency)
  • Fund 20 - Loan
  • Fund 40 - Unexpended Plant (with the exception of State funded accounts)
  • Fund 41 - Renewals and Replacements (with the exception of State funded accounts)
  • Fund 42 - Retirement of Debt (with the exception of State funded accounts)
  • Fund 50 - Agency


Payments for the following are authorized to be paid with University funds and can be processed through a check request:

  1. Filing and licensing fees
  2. Payments to grant subcontractors
  3. Postage/postal services
  4. Insurance premiums
  5. Board of Regent and student travel reimbursements
  6. Reimbursements to student organizations approved by Student Development
  7. Registration fees (only if a PCard is not feasible)
  8. Officials’ fees for athletic events
  9. Reimbursements to employees (see Employee Reimbursement Policy)
  10. Medical services for student athletes
  11. Refunds
  12. Employee moving expenses (see TWU Policy for moving expenses)


All of the following conditions must apply:

  • The expense is an authorized University Business expense
  • The business purpose is clearly stated on the Check Request form
  • The amount of the expense is supported by adequate documentation (i.e. original receipts, invoice,
  • The form has required Approvals (signatures) of appropriate TWU personnel. 


The following approvals are required for all requests:

  • Preparer - the employee responsible for initiating request. Include name, title, TWU extension, signature, & date.   If there is a problem, the check request will be returned to the preparer. 
  • Account Manager - the individual authorized to approve expenditures for the account. Include name, signature & date.  By signing, the authorizer accepts the authorizer certification printed on the form.
  • Procurement Services  – Following a review for compliance with State and TWU purchasing policies. Procurement Services provides the final approval for payment.

Additional approvals are required if applicable:

  • Restricted Funds - check requests paid with Grant accounts require authorization from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.
  • Employee Supervisor - an individual cannot authorize his/her own reimbursement; the payee’s supervisor or an individual at a higher level than the payee must approve the check request.
  • Departmental Vice President & Vice President for Finance and Administration - Payment for goods or services that should have been processed with a PCard or through the TWU Requisition and Purchase Order process will require these approvals.
  • Financial Aid - If the payee is a student, the Check Request must be approved by the Office of Financial Aid.

Additional Requirements

The following documentation is necessary to support specific requests:

  • Business meal reimbursement – a Food Purchase Justification Form must be included.
  • Employee moving expenses – See Employee Moving Expenses for requirements. In addition, a copy of the appointment and allotted moving expenses, signed by the Provost, is required.
  • Refunds - provide copy of original payment (receipt) to TWU, plus documentation supporting the reason for the refund.

Expedite Requests

To expedite the processing of a check request, the initiating department should:

  • Carefully review the check request and confirm that all relevant supporting documentation is attached.
  • Make sure payee information is provided and account information is accurate and complete.
  • Keep copies of documents submitted.

The check request will be returned to the preparer if information is incomplete or not in compliance with State and/or TWU purchasing policies and guidelines.

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